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The Treehouse

Book tours to visit the World's Oldest Treehouse
The famous Tree House at Pitchford, arguably the oldest in the world, is circa 17th Century origin - first mentioned in 1692. It was given a new image in 1760 and was renovated again in 1980. Situated in a large leaved lime tree (Tilia Platyphyllos) it is constructed in the same style as Pitchford Hall.
A part glazed door opens into the tree house to reveal a carved moulded cornice ceiling, stripped oak floor and gothic windows on all sides. There is evidence that the restoration in 1760 may have been the work of the Shropshire architect Thomas Farnolls Pritchard.

Queen Victoria recorded in her diary that she watched a visiting pack of foxhounds from the treehouse during her visit to Pitchford Hall as a young princess.
The State of the Treehouse

When it was first built in the 1600s the treehouse was supported entirely by the tree. Now, because of its great age the tree is held up by metal supports and wires, ensuring that the treehouse will remain standing for decades to come.

If you wish to visit Pitchford Treehouse or the estate as a whole, book a tour Pitchford Hall through Invitation to View. Tours cost £20 and include a complete tour of the hall, the grounds and the treehouse led by a knowledgeable tour guide.

To book a tour, visit / Invitation To View and book a tour.
Fantastic tour of the Pitchford Estate today – I can't wait to visit again and see the progress on this stunning project …We had a great day today, walking around the grounds on a beautiful spring day in good company including Dave our tour guide.