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A gallery with some of the pictures we've taken of the Estate buildings over the years, including the recently re-opened Pitchford Hall.

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Victoria Macken, (
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Pitchford Hall from across the Row Brook
A panoramic view of Pitchford Hall
A drawing of the hall as it was prior to the renovations in the 1880s
The front of the Hall from the gardens.
An exterior shot of Pitchford Hall, showing its handsome timber framing.
Rowena and James in front of a roaring fire in Pitchford Hall
James Nason and Rowena Colthurst with their children in front of the recently re-opened Pitchford Hall
The Estate's owners in the grounds of Pitchford Hall
Rowena, James and the kids in front of the main hall.
Rowena Colthurst, daughter of the former owners of the Pitchford Estate, and her family.
The courtyard of Windy Mundy Farm
Airborne shot of the Hall
The World's Oldest Tree House, perched in its lime tree in the Hall's grounds.
Rowena looking out of the Tree House.
The view from Windy Mundy Farm towards the Shropshire Hills.
The modern fireplace in Windy Mundy Farm's main room (threshing barn).
Treehouse Barn's outbuilding from the back
An interior shot of the Hall's Victorian kitchen.
Rowena and James sitting by the main fireplace in the Hall
The shepherd's hut by Stockbatch Granary. With a bed and a stove it's a cosy place to spend the night.
The rolling fields of the Estate on a beautiful autumn day
Another exterior shot of the West Wing
Pitchford Hall and gardens.
The East Wing at dawn.
Stockbatch Granary's kitchen.
Windy Mundy Farm, one of the Estate's holiday homes.
Windy Mundy Farm's main living room, with its soaring brick pillars.
Wide-angle shot of the Treehouse Granary buildings
One of the bedrooms in Windy Mundy Farm.
Windy Mundy Farm's kitchen.
Another Windy Mundy twin room.
Another cosy twin room at Windy Mundy Farm.
One of the main double bedrooms at Windy Mundy Farm. The farm sleeps 16 people.
A twin room at Windy Mundy Farm
One of Windy Mundy Farm's well-appointed bathrooms.
All properties on the estate are fully equipped with bathroom facilities and plenty of hot water.
Another view of the Stockbatch living room,
The dining table at Stockbatch, which seats 16
The main lawn in the courtyard of Stockbatch Granary
Stockbatch Granary's sitting room.
A double bedroom at Stockbatch Granary
Stockbatch Granary's kitchen.
Stockbatch Granary's kitchen.
The master bedroom with en suite bathroom in Stockbatch Granary.
All of the bedrooms in Stockbatch Granary have en suite bathrooms.
One of the luxurious twin rooms in the Stockbatch Granary.
The view from the kitchen in Stockbatch Granary.
One of the ornate bed frames in Stockbatch Granary's double bedroom.
Another twin room in the Stockbatch Granary. All rooms are fully fitted out for a relaxing holiday.
The barn and recreation room in Stockbatch Granary, complete with table-tennis table.
The Treehouse Barn's opulent living room
The Treehouse Barn's kitchen
Stockbatch Granary's parking area.
Treehouse Barn's large lawn.
The twin beds at the Treehouse Barn
Pitchford Hall on a frosty morning.
The Treehouse Barn conversion is a comfortable, cosy place to spend your holiday.
Interior shot of the double bedroom at the Treehouse Barn
Canoeing in an improvised catamaran on the lake.
Some of the owner's flock of Zwartbles sheep grazing on the estate grounds.
This picture clearly shows the timber-framed construction and antique design that makes Pitchford Hall unique.
Pitchford Hall with the sundial
The 18th-century clock on the hall's East Wing
Some of one of the several flocks of sheep that graze the estate
These solar panels supply some of the power to the Treehouse Barn and Stockbatch Granary
Another exterior shot of the main Hall
Pitchford Hall during the winter snows
The estate covers around a thousand acres of beautiful Shropshire countryside.
A historic front page found in the Hall's back kitchen.
A pair of old cooking ranges found in the Hall kitchen.
A frosty morning on the estate seen from the upper windows of the Hall.
An old book found inside the Hall during restoration.
Detailing on one of the Pitchford fireplaces
Logs piled up outside the Hall.
A corridor in the downstairs areas of the Hall
The back stairs inside the shuttered Hall
A timber-framing course outside Pitchford Hall
A fine picture of Pitchford Hall basking in the sunshine