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With its unique appearance and many strikingly appointed rooms, Pitchford Hall is ideal as a filming location for period dramas and location pieces.
Built in around 1560 on the site of a medieval building, the hall was renovated and extended in the 1880s, Pitchford Hall gained its unique look thanks to its ancient construction and the nearby pitch springs that provided ample waterproofing material. Inside, Pitchford Hall is a house of large wood-panelled rooms perfect for providing a sense of antique luxury to a film or TV production.
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The hall has also been host to many real-life royal visits, with Queen Victoria describing it as “a curious looking but very comfortable house. It is striped black and white, and in the shape of a cottage”. During the Second World War it was one of the safe houses to which the Royal Family would have been evacuated in the event that the Nazis invaded the United Kingdom as part of the Coats Mission. In addition there are many reports of ghosts on the property, and it can be easily adapted to look like an excellent haunted house.
The grounds include a lake, a large stable block and a chapel, surrounded by trees and rolling Shropshire countryside. Tours are available on request for those scouting the property. As a holiday property, the house is readily available and has on-site accommodation as well as sufficient space for catering and support services, including plenty of parking. It’s also conveniently close to Shrewsbury and Birmingham and easy to access from the M6.
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